Updates 01/06/18

Summary of the main changes made to the rules and published last March:

  • The tournament brackets have been deleted and can now be viewed via a link (5.7.1). The bracket in force for a competition will be approved by the Event Judge and published before the start of the tournament.
  • Compulsory transitions, entrance and exit are an integral part of the routine (2.12.1, 6.3, 6.3.3)
  • The maximum number of bust is 14 (6.3.4)
  • The half barrel must be executed when the entire body is under the plane of the ring and when the axis of the body (head-foot) is horizontal.
  • For the Butterfly, during half back loops (head down to head down), strict prohibition to touch the Centerline.
  • Free rounds scoring: the teams will be classified by group. The group will have the average score of the teams in this group.
  • Strengthening of the free round during the qualifications and calculation of the qualification score: for speed rounds, the fastest team receives 100 points, the other teams will receive a quota of 100 points according to their time. For the free round, the highest rated group receives 100 points and the other groups a share of 100 points based on their own group score. WARNING: to calculate the final score, the points of the two speed rounds are added + the points of the free round multiplied by two. The team best placed at the end of the qualifications will be the one with the maximum number of points.
  • For the Exit, the reference to the centerline is deleted.

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