In Short

In short

Dynamic is one the disciplines of indoor skydiving competitions.

A Dynamic 2-Way (D2W) Team is composed of two (2) Performers. A Dynamic 4-Way (D4W) Team is composed of four (4) Performers plus one (1) Alternate

The discipline is composed of Speed Routines and Free Routines. A routine is a sequence of Moves or Patterns performed during the working time.

Speed Routine is a routine composed of three (3) randomly drawn Compulsory Patterns (one from each group, Snakes, Verticals and Mixers, in that order). The compulsory patterns are repeated three (3) times (in a reverse direction for the second time). The Speed Routine starts with a Compulsory Entrance and ends with a compulsory exit sequence (see Mixers). Some transitions are compulsory.

While performing the speed routine and the patterns, performance requirements (eg crossing, or not !) vertical or horizontal planes (the Sidelines, the Center, the Ring Plane and the Ring) are expected from teams.

Click here to scrutinize a tunnel with : in green the Sidelines, in grey the Centerline and the two Rings.

For any infringment or omisision, a penalty shall apply, namely for a bust or for a skip, resulting any seconds added to the team working time. Of course, teams aim to fly the routine as fast as possible.

Free Routine is a routine composed of Moves and/or Patterns chosen entirely by the Team. The free routine is judged and scored according to the following criteria.

The objective for the Teams is to perform Free Routines with the highest possible merit and Speed Routines in the fastest possible time.

Teams compete during qualifications rounds and a tournament, alternating speed routine and free routine.

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